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Friday, February 22, 2013

Breaking of a Freshman (Part 2)

I'm afraid this title might be a little bit longer before it's released.  When I first started writing the cover art that I selected to use was hit or miss and generally poor quality.  My covers have gotten vastly better, but it's important for me to remain consistent.  So, in order to release Part 2 of Breaking of a Freshman I want to find new cover art for Part 1 and release a new cover for it along with a model that fits the description of the character and has a second photo I can use for Part 2.

Maybe I'm being a little anal.  I don't know.

You'd be surprised though to discover how hard it is to find sexy cover worthy photos of plus size women that I could legally use for a cover.  I spent a few hours between yesterday and today combing through thousands of photos and trying different searches and no luck.  I'm not going to give up, but for now I'm going to go onto some other projects and wait until I have a moment of writer's block or something in order to take up the search again.

My apologies to everyone who has been awaiting this title, I promise you that I haven't forgotten about it and have every intention of finishing it.

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