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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cover Art Search

By far the most time consuming part of publishing my stories online is the quest for appropriate cover art.  I would like to extend an offer to my readers.  If you would like to contribute cover art for me to use simply send it in an email to logan.lee2011@gmail.com.  I'll give a special thanks to you in the story and mention you in any way I can without giving away your real name or contact info unless you would like me too.

I spend hours looking online for photographs that I can use and I would much rather spend the time writing more stories that you, the reader, can enjoy.  All I ask is that if you send me cover art it not have any full frontal nudity, and please make sure that you have the legal rights to allow me to publish it.  Please don't send me a photo of your friends that they may see and freak out about.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amazon Update

I managed to get the story Shoplifters up on Amazon.  It should be trickling out to everywhere else shortly via Smashwords.  It was blocked at first and so I did a quick search of it replacing the word "Wal-Mart" with "the store" or "a department store" etcetera.  For some reason it went right through their filters with that change.

This week I will try to make some minor changes and get the other two stories that they have blocked online.  I may not run one of them on there again at all though because the only way I think that I could get it online would be to change the title.  My concern is that if I do that people will pay for a story that they already read since I had several hundred downloads before Amazon blocked it.  That wouldn't be fair to readers to pay for the same story twice and I don't have any real way to warn away the people who already bought it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazon Update

So Amazon has officially blocked a third story that went up last night before it even went on sale. I have no idea why because they don't say.

I'll work on getting them online with Amazon sooner or later. I guess I'll start with changing the titles and see if that's what they have problems with. No other website has blocked any of my stories though so if you own a Kindle search Logan Lee on Smashwords where ALL my work is located and you can download from them to your computer, then install to the Kindle in the right format.

Long live Smashwords!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Trying not to take Amazon yanking my stories from their site too hard, after all it is similar to a traditional writer writing something they know is quality and having the publishers reject the manuscript.

Harlan Ellison, one of my favorite writers, stated numerous times throughout DANGEROUS VISIONS that publishers reject things for idiotic reasons. In fact, the premise of that entire book was to take the stories that absolutely pushed the limits and no publisher would touch and then publish them under one cover.

So who knows, maybe in a few years I'll collect erotic literature that pushes the limits and publish my own omnibus . . .

Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon has removed two of my stories in the last two weeks for "inappropriate content". I'm not sure if they will remove these from the ereaders of people who purchased them or not. If they do I apologize.

I'm not fond of Amazon or KDP for a number of reasons, this is only the most recent. For now at least, everything I have written is still available at www.smashwords.com where it can even be downloaded in the Kindle file format.

Again my apologies to my readers, I'm sorry about any inconvenience this has caused or will cause you.